"I would recommend Nyree Banks in a heartbeat. She is very thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects of health. 

I first came to Nyree with numerous problems, all of which could not be explained. Doctors couldn’t even explain. After only two consultations, Nyree determined exactly what my problems were and we then took the next steps to help me.

My wellbeing and health improved dramatically, Nyree helped me take the necessary steps to be a brighter, healthier individual. I would highly recommend her."

– Rhi


"All I can say is how thankful I am that I have found Nyree. She really cares about my family. She doesn't overprescribe, she focuses on nutrition and she explains things in a way that I can understand.

I no longer see my gp or head to the pharmacy for treating my family. I would happily recommend Nyree. I tell all my friends about her."

– Susan

43 years old


"I would highly recommend Health Naturally to anyone who has an interest in their health and wellbeing - that should be everyone! 

I started seeing Nyree to seek help with a couple of ongoing health concerns, mainly fertility, gut and skin issues as well as general wellbeing and I have never looked back! Nyree has had such a positive impact on my life, helped me with the above concerns and we are expecting our first child in December.

Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to have met her, she is a true advocate for health and wellbeing and holistic living. One consult with Nyree and you walk away instantly feeling positive and inspired to make the necessary changes to achieve your health and wellbeing goals - she is wonderful!"

– Rachel

32 years old


"Nyree we think you are the best. Our children call you Dr. Nyree.

I first made contact with Nyree in 2010 seeking a family friendly naturopath that would guide our family in all naturopathic matters for babies and also for the journey of trying to conceive. At that time we had our first born being only 18 months old who had allergies, eczema issues (history of) and we were also in the process of preparing the clean up journey in order to conceive again. Nyree 'nutted' out our individual diets, geared her supplements and herbs to support each of our emotional needs like not sleeping, anxiety, fatigue etc and set us all on the right path. We also conceived easily and although we had a premmie baby at 34 weeks - our little 5 pound Summer rocked this world with no ICU requirements.

We believe Nyree's care and support gave us a great healthy baby who although arrived early was super ready and full of good health. We are a FIFO family and this has represented many challenges for this family being physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. Nyree has supported us all individually through this very large journey and we are indebted to her for sharing her strength, compassion, wisdom and grace.

We recently were exploring the option to relocate to perth for a 2 year period to assist rosters. My first thought was 'what about my naturopath! No way!'."

– Lisa

38 years old